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Welcome to FAA PAVEAIR

FAA PAVEAIR is a public, web-based application designed to assist organizations in the evaluation, management, and maintenance of their pavement networks. PAVEAIR is designed to fulfill the requirements of an Airport Pavement Management System as identified in Advisory Circular (AC) 150.5380-7A.

The FAA is pleased to announce the release of FAA PAVEAIR v2.0. This version includes several important new features, such as: an updated M&R module, Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) module, and MicroPAVER e65 support.

For news and upcoming events, please visit the News and Events page.

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Use the "Select a Database" button below to select a database. You will need to login to access your user databases. Public databases are read-only.

Databases that meet the following criteria may be delete on an annual basis:
  • A database is empty and has had no activity for one year
  • A database contains only sample or test data and has had no activity for 1 year.
  • A database contains non-test data and has had no activity for seven years.
  • Activity is defined as accessing for a read or write operation. Setting the database as the current database counts as activity.
  • An empty database is defined as one with zero records in the Network table.
  • Sample or test data are defined as:
  • o Databases or networks with the word "test" or "sample" in the name
    o Databases consisting entirely of sample data provided as part of a workshop or seminar
    o Databases consisting of imports of the MicroPAVER sample databases "Class Workshop", "Interstate Research Park", "Mansfield", "Neil Armstrong", "Ohio Workshop", "Roads and Parking", or "Roadway Workshop".

* User accounts may be deleted if the user does not own any databases or owns only databases identified for deletion, and is inactive for one year.
PAVEAIR Data Retention Policy

FAA PAVEAIR Version build 2017.03.03