PCI is a numerical rating of the pavement condition based on the type and severity of distresses observed on the pavement surface.  The PCI value of the pavement condition is represented by a numerical index between 0 and 100, where 0 is the worst possible condition and 100 is the best possible condition.

PCI is calculated based on the distresses observed during condition surveys (inspections).  This information is used to determine the proper deduct values and to calculate the PCI values of pavement section. 

The PCI history of a pavement section can help establish its rate of deterioration and identify future major rehabilitation needs. PCI values are also used in prioritizing, funding and executing Maintence and Rehabilitation (M&R) on the pavement section.

FAA PAVEAIR calculates the PCI following the procedures defined in “ASTM D5340 Standard Test Method for Airport Pavement Condition Index Surveys” and “ASTM D6433 Standard Practice for Roads and Parking Lots Pavement Condition Index Surveys.” 

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